2021 Autism Speaks Chef Gala Houston

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May 7, 2021

Gallery Furniture along with Autism Speaks invites you to join the 2021 Autism Speaks Chef Gala Houston, on June 11th at the Westin Medical Center. We are thrilled to announce that our very own Jim McIngvale or Mattress Mack, has been chosen as this year’s honoree.

Jim along with all of us here at Gallery Furniture is thrilled to support and engage with such a mission-driven, impactful organization and we hope you will along with us support them!  http://www.autismspeaks.org/houstonchefgala

The 2021 Autism Speaks Chef Gala Houston will feature some incredible culinary champions who are amongst the Autism community here in Houston! We are thrilled to highlight their talents and share with our guests their spirit and passion! If you haven’t done so yet, visit the Chef Gala website to get your tickets today! http://www.autismspeaks.org/houstonchefgala 

Autism Speaks is thrilled to share that William Gray will be sharing his musical talents during the 2021 Autism Speaks Chef Gala Houston, on June 11th! William has been playing piano since he was a little guy! To join in on the event, be sure to visit http://www.autismspeaks.org/houstonchefgala 

2021 Autism Speaks Chef Gala Houston – Performance Spotlight! 

William has loved music from a very young age. He started taking lessons when he was 4 years old and has been involved with music ever since. He started with piano and now plays several instruments. He is now also writing and recording his own songs and is looking forward to performing locally. 

We can’t wait to share with our guests, William’s beautiful music. Are you joining us on June 11th for our 2nd annual Chef Gala Houston? Get your tickets now! 

Autism Speaks Chef Gala Houston – Culinary Champion Shout Out! 

Eric was diagnosed with Autism when he was four. He has made leaps and bounds thru every challenge in life. Eric lives with his mother, two sisters, and a brother in The Woodlands. Eric loves his family and his friends. Eric enjoys playing video games, collecting nef guns, transformers, and riding in his mother’s 1978 Buick. His favorite College team, of course…The University of Alabama. Eric currently works at Uncle Julio’s as a Veg/Prep Cook and Busser, where he has been a valued employee for three years. His boss Jason and Eric have built an incredible work relationship.  Eric graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Houston Community College this past May 2020. His Favorite Dishes to make are Homemade Pizza with Hamburger Bacon and Cheese and Tacos! 

Autism Speaks Chef Gala Houston – Culinary Champion Shout Out! 

Lily loves to play video games, especially Minecraft and Fortnite, and watch videos on Tik Tok. She swims on the YMCA swim team and loves to play football with the boys at recess. She attends Miriam School in St. Louis, MO, a school for kids with complex learning needs, many of which have Autism. Lily just adopted a puppy who is really helping her with the social-emotional rollercoaster of middle school. Lily’s favorite dish to make and eat is spaghetti with meat sauce. 

Autism Speaks Chef Gala Houston – Culinary Champion Shout Out!

Hudson loves cooking and eating foods from a variety of cultures, especially Asian.  He takes Mandarin Chinese and plays the drums very well to a variety of music, also from other cultures.  He listens and drums to a lot of Asian-inspired, Mariachi, flamenco, and some popular tunes from various decades.   He spends a lot of time drawing, sometimes over 100 pictures a week.  To relax, he loves to be pampered pedicure followed by a Vietnamese coffee or a Diet Coke. His favorite things to make: Japanese Tamago and fried rice.

Thankful Thursday! 

We are so thankful for all of the incredible supporters of the 2021 Autism Speaks Chef Gala Houston! Check out our amazing sponsors this year! 

If you or your business want to be involved in our 2021 Chef Gala, send us an email! Houston@AutismSpeaks.org


Whether you are planning on attending our 2021 Chef Gala Houston or not, you can still be a part of the festivities by participating in our silent auction! Items will not go live until June 11th, however, click on the link below to get a sneak peek! 

Learn more here.


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