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Alex is always looking for people doing good in the world – if you or someone you know has made a positive impact on the world we’d love to hear from you – complete the Guest Inquiry form below. If you have a general question for Bregman’s Podcast, please use this form instead

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If you’re interested in being a guest on Bregman’s Podcast submit an inquiry through this form. You can also call (505) 207-7575.

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How does it work?
Alex uses Zoom conferencing for remote podcasts. You’ll receive an invite from Alex using Zoom before the call-in time with basic instructions. We recommend using an HD webcam (most computers will have a default webcam installed) and that you find a room at your location with no distractions.
Do I have to enable video?
We do ask that you enabled video conferencing through the Zoom app for better user experience. If possible, we do recommend purchasing an HD webcam from a local Best Buy or similar – from our experience, the quality of HD webcams is far superior to built-in webcams (Even new Macs).
What type of guests are you looking for?
We’re looking for people who are working to make the world a better place. People who put other’s needs before their own. You do NOT have to be famous – you just need to have a great story on how you’ve helped others.
Can I use my cellphone?
Although not preferred, you CAN use a cellphone with Zoom conferencing.
Where will the Podcast appear?
In addition to being published on, Alex will publish your Podcast session on other social media platforms such as YouTube as well as Podcast players such as Spotify, Apple, and more!
Do I have to wear anything special?
NO – we want you to be YOU! More importantly, we want you to be comfortable.

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