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How long is the interview?
Schedule one hour for the interview. Please contact Alex for the schedule link.

The actual recording itself is between 30-45 mins. The extra time gives us a buffer to make sure things are working properly.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your interview, please contact Alex.

How can I prepare for the recording?
We use Zoom for the recording. A Zoom link is available in the recording invite. Please be sure to test the link prior to recording. Zoom may require some plug-in to install first which takes 1-2 minutes.
Do I need internet connection?

Before the recording, it’s best to plug an ethernet cable (if you have it) into your computer. Otherwise, please test your connection to make sure it’s working well ahead of our interview. 

Do I need an external microphone?

We do recommend an external microphone to improve recording quality. Please do not use those that come with your smartphones as the wires tend to rub against shirts and hair to create static noise we can’t remove in post-production.

What can I do to increase exposure to our podcast?

Alex will promote each podcast on his social media accounts and on When the podcast is published you’ll receive a link to the podcast – feel free to share the podcast on your own social media profiles and with family/friends.

What kind of questions will Alex ask?

Alex is on a mission to explore the good in the world – you’ve been selected because of who you are and what you have done – just be you, Alex may have some questions planned ahead of time but they’ll revolve around what you know best – YOU!

Is video required?

Yes, however, if you’d prefer to do an audio-only podcast please reach out to Alex in advance of your podcast.

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