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Alex Bregman is passionate about swing mechanics – he’s also thankful to have had support over the years from coaches & peers to improve his swing.

Alex is also passionate about helping young players learn proper mechanics which is why Alex has offered to review as many swings as he can every week starting today (first set of reviews to be published 5/31/20)!

Important – Read each of the tabs below by clicking on them. Before submitting, scroll below to watch examples of videos uploaded.
  1. Players 17-years-old and younger can ask their parent or legal guardian to complete the form on this page to request a special Swing PIN.
  2. An email is sent to the player’s parent with instructions to upload a recorded swing to AlexBregman.com.
  3. Alex will review as many swings as possible and will post an update to his social media channels by Sunday EVERY week (Starting 5/31/20)!

IMPORTANT: Do NOT request a Swing Review PIN until you are ready to record your player’s swing!

  • A Swing PIN is Required – A Swing PIN is a unique ID that is assigned to each player. Parents will receive a PIN ID via email once the form on this page is completed. A Swing PIN can only be used one time. Do NOT share your Swing PIN with anyone else.
  • Limited to 17 & Under – Baseball, softball, it doesn’t matter – however, we are limiting this Swing Review to players who are 17 years old and younger.
  • This Must be Completed by a Parent – We do require that the form submission be completed by a parent and you will be able to confirm that you are the parent of the player in the submission form and video you submit.
  • No Cost or Compensation – There is no cost to participate and participants will not be compensated. Alex enjoys giving back & has had a lot of help over the years getting to where he is at today.
  • How Swings Are Chosen for Review – Alex is going to review as many swings as possible but there is no guarantee that your swing will be reviewed. Every week Alex will review a “set” of swings from players randomly chosen by the AlexBregman.com website team using a third-party tool that randomly chooses swings to review – we record the process of choosing swings. A video of Alex reviewing swings will be posted to one of Alex’s social media channels each week. The following week, Alex will repeat the process drawing back on the submissions received to-date.
  • Photo Video Release – Prior to submitting your player’s swing video you will read & agree to a Photo Video Release. By participating you are also agreeing to the AlexBregman.com Privacy Policy & Terms.
  1. Follow the instructions on the swing review upload page – submissions that do not follow the instructions will NOT be reviewed.
  2. Film your swing in landscape view (sideways on a cell phone).
  3. Please do not include any custom messaging, foul language, or inappropriate behavior – these types of videos will NOT be reviewed by Alex.
  • Video Recording – We recommend that you record your video first (following the format below). From our experience creating examples, it may take a few tries (you might also have a few laughs as we did!). You will need your final video file available on your cell phone for easy uploading.
  • Video Length – Your video should be under a minute based on our testing, however, we allow up to two (2) minutes. Most people use a cell phone with advanced users opting for GoPro’s.
  • Aspect Ratio – We ask that you record your video in 16:9 landscape mode (sideways). Please do NOT submit vertical videos for review.
  • Video Quality – If you are familiar with how to change the quality of your cell phone camera, please ensure that your video setting is recording at least 1920X1080 HD and 60 fps. For Android, Tap Camera -> Settings -> Video Size -> 1920×1080 16:9. For Apple, Tap Settings -> Camera -> Record Video 1080 HD at 60 fps.
  • Video File Format – We accept .mp4 and .mov file types.
Scroll below for examples or use the form to upload your swing!

View examples

Below are a few examples of videos uploaded to Bregman’s Swing Review and how they were made. 

  1. We use a 3rd party website called Random.org to select swings for review.
  2. The website team draws new selections every week and sends each to Alex for review.
  3. Alex will review as many swings as possible and will post an update to his social media channels by Sunday EVERY week!

Q: Is there anything I can do to increase the likelihood of a review by Alex?
A: No. Those chosen are done so using a 3rd party tool called Random.org.

Q: Can I submit more than one time?
A: No. Each user is allowed one entry. If a user submits more than one entry (barring errors/mistakes) they will be automatically disqualified from the Swing Review by Alex.

New Reviews Uploaded Weekly!

Alex will review as many swings as possible uploading a new swing review video every week. 

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